Public Computer Access

To use a library public access computer, a patron must be signed-up to use the Internet and log-in on the computers using their library card.  We also provide guest access to visitors from outside of the library service area.  Visitors should present a Driver's License or other form of free porn 3d cartoon valid photo ID with proof of current address to use library computers.

All public access computers have Internet access, and an Office or office-compatible suite of programs including: Word, Powerpoint, and Excel.  Computers also have desktop publishing software, such as Microsoft Publisher or Scribus Desktop.  Other software may be available depending on the computer.

All computers run Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Different branches have different numbers of computers based on patron usage statistics and available space.  At the current time, the number of public access computers at each branch are as follows:


Hermann 10
New Haven 5
Owensville 6
Pacific 6
St. Clair 10
Warrenton 14
Union 19


Union and Owensville branches have laptops which are available for check out and use in the library only.  These laptops have wireless internet and the ability to mature asian girls tube print to the public printer.  To check out a laptop patrons must be 18 years of age and present both a valid photo ID and a valid library card.  Laptops are not available for use by guests outside of the library service area. 

At the current time, we do not take reservations for computer use.  Use is on a first-come, first-served basis and is generally unlimited.  However, during periods of high demand, staff reserves the right to limit patron's time on a public access computer to 20 minutes.