The Reavers

( 0 Votes )         Hilarious! That is not a word usually
used to describe the bloody reiving along the border of Scotland and
England in the 16th century but it aptly describes Fraser's book. The
characters include beautiful maidens NOT in distress, a wicked priest with
an American southern accent, and a spy for James VI of Scotland whose kiss
can either win him the swooning damsel's undying devotion or excellent teen porn 18 xxx store send her into
a coma, depending on its duration and intensity.
     Fraser wrote a non-fiction lesbian and porno book about border
reiving, The Steel Bonnets: The Story of the Anglo-Scottish
Border Reivers, that is riveting reading. In the fictional
Reavers, he takes off free hentai cartoon porn on a wild ride to foil a plot to replace
James VI with an imposter so that the Spanish will control all of the
British Isles hot asian porn gallery on the death of Elizabeth.