Printing and Copying Services



All library branches have public-use printers.  These printers can be used only with library-owned computers and laptops.  Print-outs are black and white.  Color printing is not available at this time.

Print-outs are $0.15 per page, and patrons are responsible for all charges incurred. Patrons are strongly advised admirable teenage free fuck store to use print preview to find the number of pages that will be printed before sending the actual print job.  If a patron needs assistance in selecting or determining the number of pages to be printed, they may ask any library staff member for assistance.


Geneaological / Microfilm Print-outs

Microfilm readers at some locations are equipped with a printing device allowing the user to scan and print microfilm pages.   Please see library staff before printing if unfamiliar with the printing process.  Library staff may, on request, be able to provide larger paper sizes to accomidate newspaper page printouts.

Print-outs are $0.15 per page, and patrons are responsible for all charges incurred.



All library branches have photocopiers available.  Patrons may obtain photocopies by asking a staff member for assistance.  Photocopies are black and white; color photocopies are not available at this time.  hot asian best sex porn now We cannot photocopy on special "stock" or types of paper, however the photocopiers at the Union and Warrenton branches will accept 8.5 x 14 inch paper and 11 x 17 inch standard paper.  Generally we can photocopy on both sides of a single page; however this does not reduce the total cost of the copy job.

Photocopies are $0.15 per page, and patrons are mature milf videos porn responsible for all charges incurred.


Fax Services

At this time the library does not offer a public fax service.  Please see library staff for the location of a nearby business that does provide these services.