Library Boards


Scenic Regional Library is governed by a library board which is comprised of the members of the Franklin County Library Board, the Gasconade Library Board and the Warren County Library Board. Each of these county library boards has five members appointed by their respective county commissions. The Scenic Regional Library board is the overall decision making authority for the library system and normally meets at 7:30 p.m. on the third Tuesday of each month at the headquarters facility in Union.


The current Scenic Regional Library officers are:

President – Paula Sutton
First Vice-President – Karen Holtmeyer
Second Vice-President – Carol Leech


Franklin County Library District Board

Susan Richardson                   Jim Davis                           John Cheatham
President                                   Vice-President                      Treasurer
Washington more                                Beaufort                               St. Clair
Term ends 6/30/2016               Term ends 6/30/2017          Term ends 6/30/2018

Paula Sutton                          Carol Bell
Member                                    Member
Union                                        New Haven
Term ends 6/30/2015              Term ends 6/30/15


Gasconade County Library District Board

Kathleen Ham Carol Leech Diann Wacker
President Vice-President Treasurer
Berger Hermann Owensville
Term ends 6/30/2017 Term ends 6/30/2015 Term ends 6/30/2016


Louise Baker                          Robert Niebruegge
Member                                    Member
Owensville                                Owensville
Term ends 6/30/2018              Term ends 6/30/2017


Warren link filipino asian porn County Library District Board

Carla Robertson                    John Barry                            Karen Holtmeyer
President                                  Vice-President                       Treasurer
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Term hot milf porn free ends 6/30/2018              Term ends 6/30/2017           Term ends 6/30/2017


Joy Dufrain                             Vacant
Wright City                               
Term ends 6/30/2015