The Storied Life of A. J. Fikry

Reviewed by Diane Disbro, Union Branch Manager of Scenic Regional Library

     "Delightful' is an overused description but this time it is accurate. My daughter watched me read this book and observed that I "gobbled it up."

     A. J. owns the only book store on an island in New England. The store's slogan is "No man is an island. Every book is a world."

     When A. J.'s wife dies, he tries to make an island of himself. A lifeline is tossed to him in the form of, yes, a baby in a basket left one dark night in his store.

     There is sadness and tragedy in this novel but the writing style is light. The reader feels she is skipping over a sunlit lake whose depths are real but not overpowering.

     Residents of the island include a police chief who discovers crime fiction and starts a book club for first responders, A.J.'s English teacher sister-in-law, and the young teen xxx fuck sister-in-law's philandering author husband. A book representative for a Boston publisher and baby Maya whose bi-racial (African-American/white) skin tones are a couple of shades lighter than A.J.'s (Indian/white) complete the cast of main characters. In the shadows are the parents of Maya and a thief who stole A.J.'s first edition of Edgar Allen Poe's Tamerlane.

     Author Gabrielle Zevin is a Harvard graduate who has written novels for adults and young adults. She also writes screenplays for movies. After devouring The Storied Life of A. left 4 dead cartoon porn J. Fikrey, I will be looking for more of her books to brighten my reading hours.