"Pages and pages of bound forevers"
Butterfly Eyes Poetry riddles and science wisdom combine to uncover the hidden world of the meadow.
Button Up

From undies to jammies to a much-loved hand-me-down sweatshirt, the talking clothes in these poems know just who they are and who's wearing them.

City I Love
"NEVER EVER quarrel with winter. It ALWAYS wins."
If Not for the Cat
"If not for the cat,
And the scarcity of cheese,
I could be content."
Oh, No! Where Are My Pants?
OH, NO! by Katie McAllaster Weaver
"Hello apple!
Shiny red.
Hello worm.
Where's your head?"
Tour America
From Sea to Shining Sea . . .
From New Hampshire's formidable Mount Washington to San Francisco's magnificent Golden Gate Bridge, the scenic treasures of the United States are brilliantly captured in this artistic tour de force.