Here's how to request an item through Interlibrary Loan:

  1. Carefully check the Library Catalog to make sure that the item you want is not available in any of our branch libraries or locations.
  2. Call (636) 583-3224 and ask to place an Interlibrary Loan. Please have your library card available when you call.
  3. If you wish to pick up the Interlibrary Loan item at a location other than the Union location, please tell this to the staff member when you call.
  4. Not all items are available for Interlibrary Loan. Reasons for this include:
      • The item may be too new
      • Some libraries do not lend Audio Visual materials
      • E-books are not licensed for Interlibrary Loan
      • There are no libraries which own the item
      • Genealogical and reference materials are usually not loaned
      • Some libraries do not loan Periodicals

Lending libraries set the date that their items are due, not Scenic Regional Library. Items are due back to Scenic Regional Library on or before the marked due date.

Though some libraries charge Interlibrary Loan fees, we generally avoid borrowing from these libraries if at all possible. Any charges must be authorized by the patron before the request will be processed, and the patron is responsible for any fees incurred.



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