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Kid's Club

Kid's Club is for kids in 1st through 5th grades

Hermann schedule - Wed 8:45am for K-3rd grade & 9:45am for 4th-8th grade, in City Park at the Large Pavilion

June 3: Fire Department, we'll learn about being a fireman and play games

June 10: Rescue Dog Demonstration, watch and learn how a trained Rescue K9 does his super job

June 17: EMS, what makes an EMT super?

June 24: Super Farmer, farmers are the original super hero because they keep us fed and clothed and they drive really cool super BIG tractors!

July 1: HPD, Meet our new Police Chief and hear about his super job

July 8: Wolfner Library presentation, learn a new way to read and "see" a book with these super powers

July 15: Hermann City Pool Lifeguards, our lifeguards have super swimming powers come out and meet them

July 22: Missouri River Relief, meet the super team that keeps our Missouri River clean

July 29: No Kid's Club - Come see us at the Gasconade County Fair!


New Haven schedule - Tuesdays 11am

June 2: Spiderman @ the Old New Haven School

June 9: Tales of Superman, make a superhero cape, kryptonite race

June 16: Heroes for the environment, make a shiny shield, test your x-ray vision

June 23: Local heroes: New Haven Police Department, hero gear cuffs, superhero bowling

June 30: American tall tale hero Paul Bunyan, craft a light sabre, sticky spider web game

July 7: Local Heroes: New Haven Berger Fire Department, superhero mask

July 14: Batman stories, create superhero cuffs, capture Batman’s villains

July 21: Hero in a coonskin cap:  Daniel Boone, decorate a utility belt, indoor slingshot challenge

July 28: Could your pet be a hero? Wear your superhero gear for a photo shoot, make a sweet superhero treat, flying superhero game


Owensville schedule - Thursdays 2pm

June 4: Police Depts from Owensville, Gasconade County, and Missouri State Patrol will tell us about their real life Hero experiences! Then we will make our SuperHero name badges.
June 11: Longview Meadow Ranch will be here to tell us about rescuing large animals. Our craft will be making our SuperHero cape.
June 18: Owensville EMS and Fire Depts will be here. We will be making cards for Father's Day since Dad is our SuperHero!
June 25: Jim Brinkmann from Rehabilitation Services for the Blind will be here with some items the Blind community uses. We will be making our SuperHero Mask.
July 2: We will be celebrating all branches of the Military!! We will be writing Thank You letters to send to a local serviceman.
July 9: Our special guest will be Connie Millard and her Search and Rescue Dog! Today's craft will be our SuperHero cuffs!
July 16: Ms. Koree Miller will be here to talk to us about how we can all be a Hero by stopping Bullying! Please bring in a old pair of mens white tube socks to make SuperHero Boots.
July 23: SuperHero Party in the Park!!! Games, snacks, and photo booth!


Pacific schedule - Thursdays & Saturdays 1pm

June 4: Lucha Libre - make your own thumb wrestling costume and then challenge a friend to a thumb wrestling match!

June 6: Finger Knitting

June 11: Pleasure Lane Farms Petting Zoo

June 13: Lucha Libre - make your own thumb wrestling costume and then challenge a friend to a thumb wrestling match!

June 18 & 20: Super Hero Dad - come make Dad a special Father's Day card and gift.

June 25 & 27: Battle of the Super Powers - come test your Super Powers.

July 2: Not Every Hero Wears a Cape - make special cards and buttons for some of our local veterans and make a super hero button for yourself!

July 4: no Kid's Club

July 9: Franklin County SWAT Team

July 11: Not Every Hero Wears a Cape - make special cards and buttons for some of our local veterans and make a super hero button for yourself!

July 16 & 18: Disney Heroes - test your knowledge of Disney's Super Heroes!

July 23 & 25: Heroes in Sports - test your sports knowledge and skill!


St. Clair schedule - Thursdays 10am & Saturdays 2pm

June 4 & 6: Flying Superhero Balloon Race - Attach superhero pictures to balloons, blow them up, and release them. Watch them fly in many directions!

June 11: Meet Your Community Heroes - St. Clair Fire Department (10am-noon), Police Department and EMS will be the St. Clair branch.

June 13: Superhero Movie- TBD

June 18 & 20: Kryptonite Disposer Race - little superheroes work in teams and race to remove pieces of kryptonite without touching them with their hands.  Kryptonite Hot Potato - pretend to be Superman, and get rid of the Kryptonite by passing it to the next player as fast as possible.

June 25 & 27: Name the Disney Villain Trivia Game - try to guess the Disney Villain from a slideshow and clue.  Villain Toss - stand behind the line and toss the balls, attempting to knock down the villains.

July 2: Superhero Profiles and Stories - use your imagination to create your own Superhero and make a Superhero Identification Card.  Then practice your super powers!

July 4: no Kid's Club

July 9: Superhero Camp! registration required

July 11: Superhero Movie - TBD

July 16 & 18: Dress the Part - make super hero masks and super hero arm cuffs.

July 23 & 25: Dress the Part - make super hero capes.

July 30 & Aug 1: Super Hero Obstacle Course - Do you have what it takes to be a Superhero? See if you can make it through the Superhero obstacle course. Superhero Photo Booth - use props and your imagination to take Superhero photos.


Union Schedule - Wednesdays & Saturdays 1pm

June 3: The Hero in You - What does it take to be a hero?

June 6: Founder's Day at the Large Pavilion in Union City Park
11am - Fire Dog, Kid's band
Noon to 1pm - Clifford, Curious George & Pete the Cat photo ops
1pm - Spoon Man

June 10 & 13: Emergency Vehicles - We'll have fun doing activities about helicopters, rescue boats, fire engines, etc.

June 17 & 20: Police Officers - Handcuff relay races, fingerprints, and the game "Red Light, Green Light" will be some activities of the day.

June 24 & 27: Firefighters - We'll play a game called "Smoke, Smoke, Fire" and have a team water challenge but that's just a few of the fun things planned!

July 1: Heroes and Villians - It's heroes vs villains! A photo booth will be set up this day; no Kid's Club on July 4

July 8: Superhero Camp! at 1 and 2pm, registration required

July 11: TBD

July 15 & 18: Hero Camp - Different obstacles will be set up to train you to become a hero!

July 22 & 25: Super Senses! Explore your 5 senses.

July 29 & August 1: Tabletop Gaming - a variety of board games will be set out to play, play a favorite or try a new game!


Warrenton schedule - Tuesdays 1pm

June 2: Superhero Class, 1:00 and 2:15. Learn Superhero moves from Master Koch

June 9: No Kid's Club, join us from 3-5pm for Warrenton Hometown Heroes - Meet our local firemen, policemen, ambulance drivers and hopefully the Arch helicopter.

June 16: Kid's Heroes - We'll talk about Jackie Mitchell (struck out babe Ruth) and Charlie Bronco (rode in the Pony Express), and decorate your own baseball shirt

June 23: Tall Tales, Paul Bunyon and Davy Crockett, with Davy Crockett crossword and Paul Bunyon seek and find

June 30: Bring Your Own Book Game-Superhero Name Generator-Make a Superhero Coaster

July 7: Superhero Camp! at 1 and 2pm, registration required

July 14: Every Food Has a Story presented by a nutritionist from the University of Missouri Extension Service

July 21: Animal Heroes featuring a visit from the K-9 crime unit

July 28: End of Summer Reading Program movie!


Activities are subject to change, if we find even cooler stuff to do!