Kid's Club

Kid's Club is for kids in 1st through 5th grades

Hermann schedule - Thursdays 1-2pm

Each week we'll read chapters of Starjumper by Frank Asch
     Meet Alex, a cardboard genius, who plans to escape his annoying little brother
by leaving Earth.

June 5: Fizz, Boom, Pop! - see what we can do to make these sounds

June 12: Techno-Dragons' Robotics demonstration

June 19:  Tie-dye and Shrinky Dinks with the Girl Scouts

June 26:  Build it! - construction challenges

July 3:  That's So Gross! - find out about & do gross stuff at the library

July 10:  H20 - see what we can do with water & air

July 17:  Sense-sational - activities that explore the senses

July 24: Force of Nature - check out nature's power


New Haven schedule - Tuesdays 11am

June 17 - Tie-dye & Shrinky Dinks, presented by Girl Scouts


Owensville schedule - Thursdays 1:30pm

June 5th--Air
Can a hair dryer hold up a ping pong ball? Or a balloon separate salt and pepper?
June 12th--Water
We will be making music with water!  Also we will be making a tornado in a bottle to take home! Please bring 2 empty 2 ltr bottles.
June 19th
Tie-dye and Shrinky Dinks with the Girl Scouts.
June 26th--Goop
We will be making Goop to take home.
July 3rd--Oil and Vinegar
Fireworks in a jar and a color explosion for the 4th of July! Please bring an empty 2 ltr bottle for our lava lamp craft.
July 10th--Candy
Experiments with skittles, M & M's and other goodies! Please bring a raw egg.
July 17th--Eggs
Let's try and get an egg to bounce or float!
July 31st--End of SRP
This will be held outside the library at a place to be announced later.
We will be messy today, so dress accordingly!


Pacific schedule - Thursdays 1pm

June 12 - Tie-dye & Shrinky Dinks, presented by Girl Scouts

July 10 - Quadricopter Video Drone demo from St. Francis Borgia Regional High School

July 24 - The St. Louis Science Center presents It's a Blast!


St. Clair schedule - Thursdays 10am

June 5 - Fizz, Boom, Read! - film cannister rocket & ivory soap explosion

June 12 - Tie-dye & Shrinky Dinks, presented by Girl Scouts

June 19 - Explore Weather - tornado in a bottle & artificial rain

June 26 - Fun with Electricity & Magnetism

July 3 - no Kid's Club

July 10 - Explore Air & Water - bubble & flight experiments

July 17 - No Kid's Club, Join on the 16th at 10am for Nitro Joe

July 24 - Fun with Senses - oobleck, skittles tasting & optical illusions

July 31 - Explore Colors - exploding lunch bag & bending light waves


Union Schedule - Wednesdays 1pm

June 4  - Fizz, Boom, Pop!

June 11 - H20

June 18 - Tie-dye & Shrinky Dinks, presented by Girl Scouts

June 25 - Juggling Jeff Show

July 2 - Build It!

July 9 - Color Science

July 16 - Nitro Joe Science Show

July 23 - presented by the Franklin County Humane Society

July 30 - Sense-sational


Warrenton schedule - Tuesdays 1pm

We will be reading The Iron Giant by Ted Hughes this summer.

June 3 - Fizz, Boom, Pop! Gloop! (Chapter 1)

June 10 - R U Curious Thaumatrope (Chapter 2)

June 17 - Sharpie Tie-dye & Shrinky Dinks, presented by Girl Scouts (Chapter 3)

June 24 - Fizz, Boom, Pop! In Flight! (Chapter 4)

July 1 - Techno Fun Telephone Fun (Chapter 5)

July 8 - Self Defense with Jeremiah Koch

July 15 - Nitro Joe Science Show

July 22 - Movie & Popcorn

July 29 - Read, Build, Play (Book: Build a City and build/play with Legos)


Activities are subject to change, if we find even cooler stuff to do!