One Summer: America, 1927

     Bill Bryson hits another one out of the ballpark with his best asian porn recently published book, One Summer. In 2010, he gave us A Short History of Nearly Everything. Now he focuses on what happened in one short summer.

     Charles Lindbergh made the first trans-Atlantic non-stop flight. Babe Ruth hit sixty homeruns. Al Capone reached the end of his career as mobster king-pin in Chicago. Herbert Hoover efficiently handled the relief work for the worst-ever flood of the Mississippi River. Eugenics had a wide following and thousands of people were involuntarily sterilized, though not all in the summer of 1927.

     Bryson fans are no doubt queued up to read this book. Those who have never experienced Bryson, could start with One Summer. His writing style is relaxed and conversational - with a dash of sly humor. With Bryson, the reader is the winner.