2022 Adult Summer Reading Challenge

Endless possibilities await during the Adult Summer Reading Challenge!

To get started download the ReadSquared app, create an account, or simply login if you have previously used ReadSquared. You can also stop by a local branch to pick up a challenge form to participate or download one here.

Both the ReadSquared app and the paper form lists multiple reading challenges such as reading a book with water on the cover, reading a book about pollution or recycling, or simply reading a book (of your choice). You can complete other challenges such as attending programs, writing a haiku about water, or begin to learn a new language.

Check off the challenges as you complete them, and write down the name of the book, magazine, or event in the space provided. As always, listening counts as reading.

Once you have completed three challenges, come into the library and pick-up your completion prize tote-bag. You will then be entered into the end-of-summer drawing for a prize package at your branch. Additionally, for every three challenges you complete, you will receive an entry into the end-of-summer raffle.

End-of-summer raffle package themes include: Game Night, Relaxation, and Outdoors. Click here for a list of what is included in each raffle prize package.

Raffle Raffle Raffle

What should I read?

If you are looking for a little help finding titles that fit the categories on the Challenge form, library staff is here to help! Stop by any branch to speak with staff for recommendations or browse the Summer Reading themed displays. Library staff have also put together lists below to help get you started.

Books with the word Ocean or Possibilities in the title (curated by Ali in Pacific)

Books with water on the cover (curated by Jacquie in St. Clair)

Books by an author under 30 years old (curated by Corinne in Sullivan)

Books that are marine focused (curated by Kerry in Warrenton)

Books about pollution or recycling (curated by Melissa in Union)

Books that became movies or a TV series (curated by Randy in Owensville)

Books with an island setting (curated by Eli in Hermann/New Haven)

You will find a variety of programs from crafts, to movies, as well as educational lectures offered throughout the summer. To find a full list of all library programming visit, https://scenicregional.evanced.info/signup/Calendar/