Computer ServicesUse a Computer at Washington Public Library

The library has 28 public computers with internet access available. Microsoft Office is available on all computers. Printing costs 15 cents per page for black & white and 25 cents per page for color.

Wireless access is available for personal laptops and portable devices.


Internet Use

There is no charge to use the internet, but patrons must agree to an Internet Acceptable Use Policy and use their valid library card to logon to the library’s public computers.

Guest passes are available for one time usage. Must present a photo ID to obtain a guest pass.  There is a limit of two guest passes per user.  After that, a library card, either resident or non-resident, is required.


Wireless Network

Free Wi-Fi The Library has wireless internet access. Our wireless internet access is free of charge, but you must sign in at the service desk. To receive your username and password, you must have a Library Card and Photo ID, or two forms of identification, one of which being a Photo ID.


The username and password you get are one time use only, and last for either 4, 6, or 8 hours, depending on your need. Because of the password requirement each visit, you must check in every time you use the wireless. To get to the screen that asks for your username and password, open your internet browser. While getting a username and password takes a bit of your time, it helps maintain internet security to protect your private information.

The public printer is wirelessly accessible. Ask at the public service desks for directions on its use.