Community Garden Guidelines

Click St. Clair Branch Community Garden User Agreement for guidelines and application (PDF).

1. One garden bed may be checked out per household, organization, or classroom, per growing season to a Scenic Regional Library card holder in good standing.

2. A card holder has two types of garden beds from which to choose: a larger bed for vegetables or a smaller bed for flowers and herbs.

3. Gardeners are required to attend one of the offered informational meetings held in February each year.

4. The growing season will commence after the last February informational meeting and conclude on November 1. Gardeners must have their garden bed returned to the same condition as when they were assigned it in the spring—free of all weeds, vegetation, and debris—prior to November 1.

5. Each gardener is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of their own garden bed.

6. A garden bed that is not maintained in an acceptable manner (for example, overgrown with weeds or containing trash, etc.) will be notified and given seven days to address the issue. A second notification will be given if the issue has not been addressed. If the situation is not remedied within the next four days, the bed will be reassigned and the gardener will forfeit anything remaining in the bed.

7. Do not apply anything to or pick anything from another garden bed without the other “owner’s” express approval.

8. The application of herbicides, insecticides, or pesticides to anything in the garden bed is strictly prohibited. Use of natural alternatives is encouraged.

9. Weeds and dead plants need to be removed from the garden beds and placed in the provided compost container or removed from the property.

10. Gardening is only allowed during daylight hours.

11. No unattended watering. Please make sure the hose is put away and the water is turned off when done watering.

12. To help keep the garden looking neat and attractive, all gardeners should pick up trash and dispose of it properly when they see it.

13. If you will not be able to maintain your garden bed due to illness, vacation, etc., it is your responsibility to plan for someone else to maintain your bed during your absence. If you are unable to find help, please contact the library branch manager.

14. Smoking, vaping, and chewing tobacco are not permitted within the garden area.

15. Pets (excluding service animals), drugs (including alcohol), and fires are not allowed in the garden.

16. At the end of the gardening season, all dead plants and non-plant materials (string, wire, wood, metal, plastic, etc.) must be removed and disposed of properly and the garden bed left neat and tidy. If your garden bed is not left neat and tidy, you could lose your gardening privileges for the next growing season.

17. Children 11-years-old and younger are welcome in the garden but must be accompanied by an adult and must be supervised at all times in accordance with the library’s Unattended Child Policy.

18. The library’s Code of Conduct applies to the Community Garden.

19. Please report theft, vandalism and unusual activities to the library branch manager, library staff, or the police.

20. Having a garden bed assignment one year does not automatically guarantee a gardener a garden bed the next growing season.

21. Garden beds are assigned on a first-come, first serve basis, which means all appropriate paperwork has to be completed and turned in before a gardener can be assigned a garden bed. In the event that more gardeners are concurrently requesting garden beds than beds are available, a drawing of all eligible gardeners will be conducted to select gardeners for the growing season.

22. A limited number of sets of basic gardening tools are available for check out to Community Garden patrons at the Service Desk. The gardening tools are only available for check out to those whom have a garden bed checked out for the season. Tools must be returned to the Service Desk at the St. Clair Branch and should be given to a staff member.

23. Use common courtesy and be considerate of your gardening neighbors. Enjoy!