Scenic Regional Library District is governed by a Board of Trustees which is composed of members from Franklin, Gasconade, Warren, and Crawford Counties. The Franklin, Gasconade, and Warren County Commissions each appoint four trustees. The Crawford County Commission appoints one trustee, who represents a portion of Sullivan which belongs to the District.

The Scenic Regional Library District Board of Trustees is the governing authority for the library district and normally meets at 7:00 p.m. on the third Tuesday of each month at the Union Branch.

The current Scenic Regional Library District Board of Trustees officers and members are:

President – Robert Niebruegge
Vice-President – John Cheatham
Secretary – Joy Dufrain
Treasurer – Kathleen Ham

Franklin County

John Cheatham, St. Clair – term ends 6/30/2026
Susan Richardson, Washington – term ends 6/30/2024
Linda Andrae, Villa Ridge – term ends 6/30/2023
Paula Sutton, Union – term ends 6/30/2023

Warren County

John Barry, Warrenton – term ends 6/30/2025
Joy Dufrain, Wright City – term ends 6/30/2023
Karen Holtmeyer, Marthasville – term ends 6/30/2025
Carla Robertson, Warrenton – term ends 6/30/2026

Gasconade County

Kathleen Ham, Berger – term ends 6/30/2025
Laura Hengstenberg, Owensville – term ends 6/30/2024
Robert Niebruegge, Owensville – term ends 6/30/2025

Crawford County

Martha Lindsley, Sullivan – term ends 6/30/2023