Hermann: Preschool Storytime – Tuesdays at 10am (starting August 6)

Marthasville: No storytime scheduled at this time. Check back often!

New Haven: Preschool Storytime – Tuesdays at 10am, 3rd Saturday of month at 10am

Owensville: Lil’ OWLs Storytime –  Wednesdays at 10am

Pacific: Thursdays at 10am

St. Clair: Thursdays at 11am

Sullivan: Tuesdays at 10am. Have you been missing out on Storytime? Now you don’t have to! Fidelity Channel 6 and 95 will be airing our Storytimes on Wednesday nights at 6 pm. Tune in to catch the storytime from the week before.

Union: Preschool Storytime – Wednesdays & Saturdays at 10am

  • First Friday of the month, 2:30pm: Reading to Rover-We invite your little storytellers and readers to come read to our wonderful therapy dogs! Hesitant readers will enjoy spending time reading with our furry friends!

Warrenton: Bedtime Stories – Last Monday of the Month at 6:30pm, Preschool Storytime – Tuesdays at 10am

Wright City: Preschool Storytime – Wednesdays at 10am

  • Pirate Storytime: Pirate Storytime-Arrrrr! It’s International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Join us for pirate-themed stories and activities.