Don’t Reanimate Corpses! Frankenstein Part 1: Crash Course Literature 205 – In which John Green teaches you about Mary Shelley’s novel, Frankenstein. Sure, you know Frankenstein the cultural phenomenon, but how much do you know about the novel that started it all? You’ll learn about the Romantic movement in English lit, of which Frankenstein is a GREAT example, and you’ll learn that Frankenstein might just be the first SciFi novel. Once again, literature comes down to just what it means to be human. John will review the plot, and take you through a couple of different critical readings of the novel, and will discuss the final disposition of Percy Shelley’s heart.

Frankenstein, Part 2: Crash Course Literature 206 – In which John Green continues to teach you about Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. You’ll learn about romantic vs Romantic, the latter of which is a literary movement. John will also look at a few different critical readings of Frankenstein, and you’ll learn about Victor’s motivations. We’ll also look a little bit at the moral limitations of science, if there are any.

Course Hero Frankenstein Playlist – 35 videos including a 5 minute plot summary, context, characters, and chapter by chapter summaries.

TED-Ed Everything you need to know to read “Frankenstein” – Iseult Gillespie shares everything you need to know to read Mary Shelley’s classic novel.

Video SparkNotes: Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein summary – Check out Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein Video SparkNote: Quick and easy Frankenstein synopsis, analysis, and discussion of major characters and themes in the novel. For more Frankenstein resources, go to

Frankenstein | National Theatre at Home Playlist – Benedict Cumberbatch and Jonny Lee Miller alternate roles as Victor Frankenstein and his creation in Frankenstein, filmed live at the National Theatre.

Frankenstein is More Horrific Than You Might Think | Monstrum – Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein was revolutionary text that pioneered the sci-fi genre. On the surface, it’s a novel about a scary monster, but Shelley’s sympathetic description of a soulful Creature makes us rethink who we label as the “monster”—an important question made increasingly relevant by the advances in technology and science we see today. Watch this episode to learn about the original novel, why it was created, and how (and why) popular culture continues to perpetuate the story hundreds of years later.

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