Summer Reading Program
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Teen Time


Teen Events at the Hermann Library - Wednesdays at 9:45am for 4th-8th grade


Teen Events at the New Haven Library

June 16 at 1pm -  Get some technology super powers and design a super hero online.

July 14 at 1pm - Take the challenge, make your own superhero with craft supplies.


Teen Events at the Owensville Library - Thursdays at 12:30

June 4 - Getting our SuperHero names. Nail painting using makeup sponges. Picking out our book to read for June.

June 11 - We will be making Butterbeer from the Harry Potter movies!

June 18 - Making Coasters for our SuperHero Dads!

June 25 - We will be having a Silly Selfie Scavenger Hunt!

July 2 - Headbands from old t-shirts.  Picking out our book for July.

July 9 - Come try your hand at making String Art.

July 16 - Our craft today is to make Paracord Key Rings.

July 23 - End of Summer Reading Program SuperHero Party in the Park.


Teen Events at the Pacific Library

June 11 at 3pm - Make Your Own Cartoon--Go online to learn how to make your own cartoon, or create one of your own on paper.

July 9 at 3pm - Recycled Wearable Art--Wear old clothes and bring old, cotton tee shirts, bandanas, white pillow cases or cotton tennis shoes and create braided bracelets, decoupaged shoes and tie dyed shirts or bandanas. White shirts are preferable for tie dying.


Teen Events at the St. Clair Library

June 10 at 2:30pm - TAB, Teen Advisory Board

June 24 at 2:30pm - Fun for Teens 12 and older. Meeting at St. Clair City Hall Gym. Playing basketball and other sports

July 9 at 2:30pm - TAB, Teen Advisory Board

July 22 at 2:30pm - Fun for Teens 12 and older


Teen Events at the Union Library - Wednesdays at 3pm

June 3 at 3pm - Paper Cosplay Challenge

June 17 at 3pm - Comic Con featuring Star Wars, Adventure Time and Pokemon

July 1 at 3pm - Drop in Games

July 15 at 3pm - Pinterest Crafts


Teen Events at the Warrenton Library

June 9 at 3 to 5pm - Warrenton Hometown Heroes, meet our local firemen, policemen, ambulance drivers and hopefully the Arch helicopter.
July 14 at 4pm - Superhero Coasters craft  

Kid's Club

Kid's Club is for kids in 1st through 5th grades

Hermann schedule - Wed 8:45am for K-3rd grade & 9:45am for 4th-8th grade, in City Park at the Large Pavilion

June 3: Fire Department, we'll learn about being a fireman and play games

June 10: Rescue Dog Demonstration, watch and learn how a trained Rescue K9 does his super job

June 17: EMS, what makes an EMT super?

June 24: Super Farmer, farmers are the original super hero because they keep us fed and clothed and they drive really cool super BIG tractors!

July 1: HPD, Meet our new Police Chief and hear about his super job

July 8: Wolfner Library presentation, learn a new way to read and "see" a book with these super powers

July 15: Hermann City Pool Lifeguards, our lifeguards have super swimming powers come out and meet them

July 22: Missouri River Relief, meet the super team that keeps our Missouri River clean

July 29: No Kid's Club - Come see us at the Gasconade County Fair!


New Haven schedule - Tuesdays 11am

June 2: Spiderman @ the Old New Haven School

June 9: Tales of Superman, make a superhero cape, kryptonite race

June 16: Heroes for the environment, make a shiny shield, test your x-ray vision

June 23: Local heroes: New Haven Police Department, hero gear cuffs, superhero bowling

June 30: American tall tale hero Paul Bunyan, craft a light sabre, sticky spider web game

July 7: Local Heroes: New Haven Berger Fire Department, superhero mask

July 14: Batman stories, create superhero cuffs, capture Batman’s villains

July 21: Hero in a coonskin cap:  Daniel Boone, decorate a utility belt, indoor slingshot challenge

July 28: Could your pet be a hero? Wear your superhero gear for a photo shoot, make a sweet superhero treat, flying superhero game


Owensville schedule - Thursdays 2pm

June 4: Police Depts from Owensville, Gasconade County, and Missouri State Patrol will tell us about their real life Hero experiences! Then we will make our SuperHero name badges.
June 11: Longview Meadow Ranch will be here to tell us about rescuing large animals. Our craft will be making our SuperHero cape.
June 18: Owensville EMS and Fire Depts will be here. We will be making cards for Father's Day since Dad is our SuperHero!
June 25: Jim Brinkmann from Rehabilitation Services for the Blind will be here with some items the Blind community uses. We will be making our SuperHero Mask.
July 2: We will be celebrating all branches of the Military!! We will be writing Thank You letters to send to a local serviceman.
July 9: Our special guest will be Connie Millard and her Search and Rescue Dog! Today's craft will be our SuperHero cuffs!
July 16: Ms. Koree Miller will be here to talk to us about how we can all be a Hero by stopping Bullying! Please bring in a old pair of mens white tube socks to make SuperHero Boots.
July 23: SuperHero Party in the Park!!! Games, snacks, and photo booth!


Pacific schedule - Thursdays & Saturdays 1pm

June 4: Lucha Libre - make your own thumb wrestling costume and then challenge a friend to a thumb wrestling match!

June 6: Finger Knitting

June 11: Pleasure Lane Farms Petting Zoo

June 13: Lucha Libre - make your own thumb wrestling costume and then challenge a friend to a thumb wrestling match!

June 18 & 20: Super Hero Dad - come make Dad a special Father's Day card and gift.

June 25 & 27: Battle of the Super Powers - come test your Super Powers.

July 2: Not Every Hero Wears a Cape - make special cards and buttons for some of our local veterans and make a super hero button for yourself!

July 4: no Kid's Club

July 9: Franklin County SWAT Team

July 11: Not Every Hero Wears a Cape - make special cards and buttons for some of our local veterans and make a super hero button for yourself!

July 16 & 18: Disney Heroes - test your knowledge of Disney's Super Heroes!

July 23 & 25: Heroes in Sports - test your sports knowledge and skill!


St. Clair schedule - Thursdays 10am & Saturdays 2pm

June 4 & 6: Flying Superhero Balloon Race - Attach superhero pictures to balloons, blow them up, and release them. Watch them fly in many directions!

June 11: Meet Your Community Heroes - St. Clair Fire Department (10am-noon), Police Department and EMS will be the St. Clair branch.

June 13: Superhero Movie- TBD

June 18 & 20: Kryptonite Disposer Race - little superheroes work in teams and race to remove pieces of kryptonite without touching them with their hands.  Kryptonite Hot Potato - pretend to be Superman, and get rid of the Kryptonite by passing it to the next player as fast as possible.

June 25 & 27: Name the Disney Villain Trivia Game - try to guess the Disney Villain from a slideshow and clue.  Villain Toss - stand behind the line and toss the balls, attempting to knock down the villains.

July 2: Superhero Profiles and Stories - use your imagination to create your own Superhero and make a Superhero Identification Card.  Then practice your super powers!

July 4: no Kid's Club

July 9: Superhero Camp! registration required

July 11: Superhero Movie - TBD

July 16 & 18: Dress the Part - make super hero masks and super hero arm cuffs.

July 23 & 25: Dress the Part - make super hero capes.

July 30 & Aug 1: Super Hero Obstacle Course - Do you have what it takes to be a Superhero? See if you can make it through the Superhero obstacle course. Superhero Photo Booth - use props and your imagination to take Superhero photos.


Union Schedule - Wednesdays & Saturdays 1pm

June 3: The Hero in You - What does it take to be a hero?

June 6: Founder's Day at the Large Pavilion in Union City Park
11am - Fire Dog, Kid's band
Noon to 1pm - Clifford, Curious George & Pete the Cat photo ops
1pm - Spoon Man

June 10 & 13: Emergency Vehicles - We'll have fun doing activities about helicopters, rescue boats, fire engines, etc.

June 17 & 20: Police Officers - Handcuff relay races, fingerprints, and the game "Red Light, Green Light" will be some activities of the day.

June 24 & 27: Firefighters - We'll play a game called "Smoke, Smoke, Fire" and have a team water challenge but that's just a few of the fun things planned!

July 1: Heroes and Villians - It's heroes vs villains! A photo booth will be set up this day; no Kid's Club on July 4

July 8: Superhero Camp! at 1 and 2pm, registration required

July 11: TBD

July 15 & 18: Hero Camp - Different obstacles will be set up to train you to become a hero!

July 22 & 25: Super Senses! Explore your 5 senses.

July 29 & August 1: Tabletop Gaming - a variety of board games will be set out to play, play a favorite or try a new game!


Warrenton schedule - Tuesdays 1pm

June 2: Superhero Class, 1:00 and 2:15. Learn Superhero moves from Master Koch

June 9: No Kid's Club, join us from 3-5pm for Warrenton Hometown Heroes - Meet our local firemen, policemen, ambulance drivers and hopefully the Arch helicopter.

June 16: Kid's Heroes - We'll talk about Jackie Mitchell (struck out babe Ruth) and Charlie Bronco (rode in the Pony Express), and decorate your own baseball shirt

June 23: Tall Tales, Paul Bunyon and Davy Crockett, with Davy Crockett crossword and Paul Bunyon seek and find

June 30: Bring Your Own Book Game-Superhero Name Generator-Make a Superhero Coaster

July 7: Superhero Camp! at 1 and 2pm, registration required

July 14: Every Food Has a Story presented by a nutritionist from the University of Missouri Extension Service

July 21: Animal Heroes featuring a visit from the K-9 crime unit

July 28: End of Summer Reading Program movie!


Activities are subject to change, if we find even cooler stuff to do!