WINNER: The Murder of Halia Reed by Nora Lynne S.
HONORABLE MENTION: Scary Stories by Lauren B.
Nightmare on South Avenue by Mia A.
The Paranormal Girl by Maci A.
A Story by Isabella B.
The Tunnel in the woods by Natalie B.
The Legend of the Snow Ghost by Bo B.
A Story by Roan C.
A Story by Cienna C.
A Story by Taryn C.
A Story by Emily D.
Body bags by Cohen D.
A Story by Brayden F.
A Story by George G.
The Screams in The Basement by Kinley H.
Man Behind the Door by Zoe H.
The Girl in the Black Book by Hadlee K.
DEAD BOY!!! by Brooklyn K.
The Rusty House by Jaxon L.
The bloody hands by Kayden M.
Tim’s Great Adventure In A Cave by Anna P.
A Story by Elliot R.
The Shadow Man by Braxtyn R.
A Story by Lindsay S.
A Story by Bria S.
A Story by Emily S.
The Ghost Twins by Madi T.
The Ghost Story by Halle T.
A Story by Chris W.
A Story by Emoree W.


Winner – The Murder of Halia Reed by Nora Lynne S.

“Recent news: Halia Reed, 19, was found at the bottom of Lake Eerie. A brief visitation will be held on the 19th, and the funeral will take place on the 21st…”

-The Eerie Post, April 17th, 1975

The death was as horrible as the graveyard was empty the day of the funeral. If I had to choose how to die again, drowning would be my last choice. Yes. My name is Halia Reed. These are my words. I had the worst life, the worst death, the worst attended funeral. Let me explain…

  1. I’m dead.
  1. I’m alive.
  1. I’m neither.
  1. I’m both.
  1. I’m too smart for you, because I know
  1. I was murdered.


  1. I’ve become a ghost.

A ghost of my former self, and what I could’ve become. But don’t worry. Now, I’ve found them.

The ones who forced me into oblivion.

The ones who caused my destruction.

Or so they thought.

The ones reading this paper.

You know who you are, and what you’ve done. More importantly, I do. 

And I will have my revenge.

I will find. And I will punish.

Fear me.

For I am coming.

And there is no escape, not this time.

The end? No. This is only the beginning.


Honorable Mention – Scary Stories by Lauren B.

Scary Stories A dark and stormy night Sadie, Katie, and Lucy were telling ghost stories. Katie said, “I think ghost stories are scary.” So she left. “Let me go! I’m going to tell a really scary story!” said Lucy. “A dark and stormy night three kids walked into a haunted house. They knocked on the door and it fell over. They walked inside. The floors creaked. The kids heard something. I turned around. Nothing! A loud voice spoke behind me, “IF YOU ENTER YOU MAY NEVER GET OUT…MUAH HA HA!” Suddenly the door slammed back. A man stepped into the light holding a cute baby with yellow, bloody fangs! Suddenly the baby turns into a bat.  The man grabs the bats feet and the bat floats through the closed door. The kids find a crack in the wall and slip through it. Finally, they are free! The kids have no food, so they die.  And that is how to tell a scary story.   Just then Katie jumps into the room and scares them!  The girls scream!  Katie laughs, “That’s how you really scare someone!” “I was joking! I am not scared of scary stories.” says Katie. They all laugh.


Nightmare on South Avenue by Mia A.

SO it was a stormy night like any other or so I thought. 

I hear a banging on my door and a voice in my closet. 

The sounds get louder and louder until I can’t hear my own thoughts. Then they jump out!! My two annoying brothers. That was 30 minutes ago. Wait- I hear it again and everyone in the house left 20 minutes ago, so it can’t be my brothers. It’s getting louder and louder. And there they are 2 ghosts of my best friends who died and it was all my fault if would have not left them alone that night then- then- then that pack of ghost wolves would not have eaten them by the time I got back they were dead the pack of wolfs right there then by boyfriend came And grabbed me by the wrist and ran. I scream, and blood splatters everywhere. My other best friend just died and she saved us. We ran for 1 mile back to town and into my house and we hid soon after my parents and my brothers come back and the ghosts hurry up and kill us at least I will be with my love.


The Paranormal Girl by Maci A. 

One spooky night there were two parents who decided to let their daughter stay home when they went they went to a dinner with their friends. So they left and then that’s when things went wrong. At first the girl went to her room when she felt the 

urge that something was with her and she wasn’t alone. She decided that she was just thinking about it and was paranoid so she decided to take a shower. When she looked out the window and saw that there was a fresh hand print on the glass. Terrified she went in her room to call her patients and that ‘s when she noticed that she was not alone again. Then decided to go shut the window, but she saw that her name was on the window and she decided to shut it and watch a movie and eat some popcorn. While she was waiting for the movie she realized that it felt like there was bleeding on her back and did not touch it as she was horrified. She realized that her parents were home. Her parents came to find her in shock on the couch since she has been in a mental hospital. 

The end.


A Story by Isabella B.

Ghost woke up and was very happy. He was going to the park! He met up with his friends at the park and he was so excited to swing and play with them. They then decided to go on the swing and the ghost decided he wanted to do a flip since his friend told him too. Ghost ended up falling but he is a ghost so it didn’t hurt, but the ghost still had a bump on his head. One of ghosts friends was laughing at him and one of his other friends stood up for him. “Hey you don’t mess with Ghost!.. he just got hurt!” said the girl Ghost. She did not want him to feel bad so she decided to stick up for him. Ghost then went home with a bump on his head and a loss of a friend! 

ThenGhost got home and ended up in his bed. The ghost was sad and felt..weird, he was being so kind and the boy ghost was so mean to me…Ghost thought that was weird so he went up to boy ghost’s House and said “why were you mean to me?” the boy ghost said nothing. “wha…what?!” said ghost.


The tunnel in the woods by Natalie B.

Back in the early 1939. There Was a group of three girls, two were sisters Georgia and Amelia. Georgia was nine and Amelia was eleven. The other girl was Amelia’s best friend Harper who was eleven too. One day when all of the girls were out in the woods they saw a shadow at the end of a. Tunnel Georgia was scared but they still went down the tunnel. Georgia started hearing someone say hello at first she thought that it was her sister but her sister was right next to her and thesound was coming from the end of the tonal. Then she saw blood on the wall spelling out save yourself then the sound got louder and louder her sister still could not hear it and still could not see what was on the wall.then they stared hear there mom calling out dinner done. When Georgia started doing some research on those woods there was a murdered girl in was murdered that tunnel her name was Georgia two she was eleven two. Georgia was trying to find a picture of the girl and she finally did. It was a picture of her that was just taken.


The Legend of the Snow Ghost by Bo B.

It was a cold and snowy day and a ghost popped out of nowhere and took my friend under the snow. I searched for hours but I couldn’t find him. And every time it snows he haunts this very place. I went outside and I felt a pull but I knew what it was but I got away. Next time I went outside I was ready to fight. The ghost pulled me under and there I saw`souls upon souls but then I saw my friend George I fought and fought, and he won. Until George appeared out of nowhere and he helped and we won and helped every soul escape. ( 60 years later ) “so kids i wrote this 60 years ago.” they didn’t believe me until the titan version came up and attacked me. Every soul from before helped me take him down once and for all. Maybe…



My mom told me this story… 

Jimmy was out in the garden, and found a big toe he told his mother. She said that would be perfect for the roast. 

Then she SHE YELLED put in the the roast 

The roast was soooo good, Jimmy said to his mother and went to bed full. But that night he heard outside who stole my toe he whimpered then slammed his eyes shut. Then he heard it again toe but this time it was on the porch. 

He panicked and went under his COVERS. Then he fell asleep again and then he heard the front door open then the screachey voice said again WHO STOLE MY TOE 

He was petrified then he heard running it stopped at the door. He darted off his bed and straight to the closet Loud and aggressive It screamed again WHO STOLE MY TOE his ears BLED. But then as if time stopped it was gone he turned over then he got grabbed and pulled down by the thing screaming and yelling for help it went quiet he was never ever heard from again. 



A Story by Roan C.

Once a long time ago in 1857 on a stormy night there was a shady house by the lighthouse. A legend says a man died there in 1794, and if any person dared to go in shall perish. There were three girls named Mary, Anne, and Dorthy. Mary and Dorthy dared Anne to go in. Anne reluctantly went in. As she stepped on the doorstep, it creaked under her. As she got closer to the door it opened by itself. She continued in the house, it was dark and cold. She turned slightly towards the steps. At the top of the steps was a man all in white. His hair was as white as snow, his skin was so pale like he had been locked in a dungeon for years, his suit was white silk that matched his pants. He turned slowly to face Anne. She screamed at the top of her lungs and ran for the door, but as she ran for the door there was an invisible force pulling her back. She finally ran out but she tripped and smacked her head on a rock. Anne was unconscious, as Mary dragged Anne to the doctor. The doctor said they just had to wait. As she woke she was muttering “He’s coming.” She would not eat or drink and later die of thirst. The guilt of the incident drove the other two  insane and died the same way.


A Story by Cienna C. 

There was an abandoned house on halloween night there were about 3 teenagers . Emily said not to go in there but they did.And then the door then slammed shut the teenagers found out they were stuck in that abandoned house but then they went to go find a room to sleep in. And they did but then that door slammed so they were stuck. They started to cry because Emily said not to go in there but they did not care. Then they went to bed and woke up starving so Emily went to open the door and it opened and then they ran but the door was still locked. So they explored the abandoned house and they found a basement Emily june aiden wanted to go to but then realized that it would probably lock so they did not go down and they heard something they started to run. But June tripped and hurt her ankle so they had to stay there so she could walk so after she could walk but it hurt and they then tried to leave and they got out. They did not go back….


A Story by Taryn C.

Joe Kline had just purchased his first home in an older part of town. On the third night, he came into the kitchen and the floor was covered with glasses of water.  Joe felt so scared and confused, he called 911. The police came to the door and asked Joe if they could come in, but when Joe opened the door no one was there. Then, something, or someone, ran behind Joe into his bedroom. Joe slowly opened his door and looked inside. There was one single glass of water on his pillow. The door slammed shut behind him. Joe turned around and met the eyes of a man in a black suit. The man was faceless and stretched his long, cold, white arms and wrapped them around Joe as he dragged him underneath the bed. The next day, the police came and Joe was nowhere to be found. The only thing they could find was a black hat on the bedroom floor next to an empty glass. I never saw Joe again. His home now sits empty, but if you drive by after dark, you may see the man in the black suit looking out the bedroom window.


A Story by Emily D.

Shelia the haunted creepy ghost. Who lives in a creaky old haunted  big castle. Noone could ever escape her and her castle. Some man came to explore the old  haunted old castle. Then another kid came. Bigger than the other person. He was tall, kind, and handsome. He opened a door and a ghost screamed” GET OUT!” He found another way into the creepy old castle. The castle has two  openings. The front door and one window. The floor creaked creeply and he saw her. The ghost named Shelia. She had no parents. They died in an airplane. She was so sad she killed herself to meet her parents but she didn’t leave. The haunted house didn’t let her leave. The person who came through the front door got trapped. The haunted house didn’t let him leave. Shaun was the other guy’s name. He went through the window that didn’t curse him. He ran up the stairs making a big noise. She heard him. She said, “ What are you doing?” “You are going to get yourself killed.” They married and Sheila killed him in his sleep. He came back as a ghost. Sheila couldn’t come because she killed him. He went up to heaven. 


Body bags by Cohen D.

A boy in the smalltown of Owensville, Missouri named Timothy Davis, who was commonly called Tim, was having a normal day, playing basketball with his friends, watching wrestling, and exploring the woods next to his house. His Ma always said not to go past the property line, so he never did. But one day, while his best buddies Micheal and Andrew were over, they played a game of truth or dare, and Andrew dared Micheal and Timothy to go explore across the property line with him. Timothy said he wouldn’t do it, but Andrew called him a chicken, so Timothy got angry and did it. They were exploring past the property line, when Micheal saw something sticking out of the ground. He called it out, and it turned out to be a secret door, and inside a small room, was three bags. Timothy wanted no part of it, but didn’t leave his friends. Andrew took out his pocket knife and cut open one of the bags, and inside, he saw what he thought was juice, but then he saw an arm. Then the neighbor ran after them, and killed Andrew with his knife, and Micheal and Tim never saw Andrew again, until one day!!!


A Story by Brayden F.

There was once a girl named Evilin who was proclaiming her love to a handsome friend named Bartholomew ,but suddenly Bartholomew got hit by a car that sped away after the hit. Then, Eviln started to cry, but then she heard a dissent voice. It said, “Evilin, can you hear me , can anyone hear me.” Evilin immediately  started looking around, worried that suddenly she saw a fainted face right in front of her. She realized it was Bartholomew! She was scared but took him home where her dad said, “ I will not allow my daughter to marry a ghost.” After that, thay ran away, they went to the beach and Evilin said, “Even though you’re dead you make me feel so alive,” and then they kissed, of course since one of them is a ghost they fell right through each other.


A Story by George G.

A long time ago, in 1736, there was a small, old jail. Right next to the jail, there was an abandoned mineshaft. It went 13,000 feet down into the ground, there were the corpses of Russian soldiers. One day, three of the solitary confinement of the jail escaped at midnight. When they were running, all of the sudden they fell into the mineshaft. When they hit the ground, they automatically passed out. When they woke up, they sat in the darkness, confused. As they were sitting, they heard these deep, moaning sounds. At the time it was daytime, so they had some light to explore. They saw that there was a staircase leading down, so they headed down. As they went farther, the sounds got louder. Halfway down, they started to see skeletons of random animals. It also got harder to breathe. And then all of a sudden, everything went black. When they could see again, they were face to face with ancient, Russian soldiers. Instead of slaughtering the criminals, the soldiers sent them to work in the mines. If they did a bad job, they were punished. And eventually, they were overworked and died. And the soldiers lived on forever. The End.


The Screams in The Basement by Kinley H.

One night a girl named Amelia was home alone, she walked down the steps to her basement to go get something, when all of a sudden, the door slammed shut behind her. She grabbed her flashlight that was in her pocket, it stopped working. “What?! It was just working before I came down here?” She said, It was dark outside, and there was no light switch. She sat down on the floor when she thought she heard some one screaming. She lives in the middle of nowhere, the closest person was 6 miles away.

Amelia felt for her phone, but when she tried to turn it on it was dead. She heard the screaming again. She began to get really scared. But all the sudden she felt something touch her. She jumped. She said “Hello? Is someone there?” There was no answer. Until she heard the screaming. But this time it was closer. Then Amelia screamed.

Two days later her father comes home but he can’t find her. He searches the basement but she’s gone. The second he calls the cops he hears a scream.

Ever since then, the people that live in the house hear a girl scream every night. At exactly 3am…



One night me and my friends were sitting by the campfire and we were getting bored, so I told a ghost story. It started once upon a time…

There was a little girl and she was lost from her brother she was hiking with. So on this cold night she tried to find shelter to get warm, and she found an old shack on top of a hill. When she got close she heard a creaky noise. She was brave enough to go in because she was so cold. As she was walking through the shack she heard the noise again. So she walked upstairs, but she could not see anything. So she started to get the sense that there was a ghost. She went and hid in the closet and wrapped up with a blanket. After a while she came out and went back downstairs. After that the door of the shack opened and she heard knocking… She saw the cabinet in the room open and close. She looked at the peephole of the door and she saw a big shadow. She ran downstairs quickly and saw a ghost in the basement. And all my friends laughed and were very very very scared.


Man Behind the Door by Zoe H.

One stormy night in the year 1666 . two friends were having a sleepover and one friend’s mother said it was time for bed . When she blew out the candles in the girls room and left when she was about to fall asleep. She heard the girls scream and rushed to their room .When she got there one girl was hung from the ceiling then the other girl was on the floor with her head cut open and her brain was in her hand . 

1 year later 

The other girl’s mother was so depressed she killed herself by slitting her throat . .Later the mother who was in the house when it happened had moved and was living happily with a new baby girl . She was happy as could be . But then one night when she was in bed and had a flashback of the terrible memory . Then later that night she was woken up by a freezing gust of wind when she awoke she saw a man . Not just any man, the one she saw in her dream the night of the girl’s killing and later that night she and her family were found dead .


The Girl in the Black Book by Hadlee K.

A long time ago there was a girl. This girl was named Allison. She had gone to the library to do research for a school project. She was all alone in the study room when BAM!! Out of nowhere a big black book fell from the top shelf. She walked over and picked up the book. Then all of a sudden, as soon as she opened the book, she got sucked in. She opened her eyes and she was in a white room and not in the study room anymore. Someone walked toward her and said “Hello, I’ve been waiting for someone like you.”. She scooted back. It was the devil. To get out of there she had to sell her soul to him. That night she walked through the woods and was never seen again. The whole town looked for her and couldn’t find her. Years had passed and a girl named Alyssa had to study for a test and choose the library to do so. She also got sucked into the book. This time the devil questioned her and she passed the test. But she always had an eerie feeling when she went to the library.


DEAD BOY!!! by Brooklyn K.

There once was a little boy and his older brother who were walking in the woods behind their grandpa’s house. In the summer breeze, the boys decided to play tag. The little boy was it. He was running and tripped on a rock, and fell into a ditch that his grandpa warned him never to go close to. His knee was bloody, but the blood was strange. It was green!!! He started screaming for his big brother but no answer for 4 hours. His grandpa got really worried so he went down and by the time he got to the ditch at 3:00 pm, the sky was a bloody red. and the little boy was nowhere to be found. Grandpa called the police with no answer. The little boy was caught by an angry ghost who was killed by the boy’s dad and wanted revenge. the boy screamed “NO DON’T TAKE ME STOP DON’T!” the ghost was the color of his blood and his breath smelt like death. The boy’s family never heard from him again but when the grandpa sold the house the new owners were terrified and moved out in less than 3 days. The house was haunted or was it ???


The Rusty House by Jaxon L.

Once there was a man in a truck with a broken window, driving through the rain. He was running out of gas so he drove until he was out. He was on the bottom of a hill, where he could see a house at the top. So he ran through the rain and went to the house he knocked on the door and an old man opened the door and said what do you want the man told him “my truck broke down and I need somewhere to stay” “can I stay in your house please” “yes, but I have one rule don’t go down those stairs” so the man laid down and the more he thought the more he wanted to go down stairs so he did and he saw a sheet over a box or something so he pulled it off slowly the gray dust fell off and the cage was revealed a ghost woke up and scared the man who kicked the unlock button so the ghost chased him up the stairs he was chased to his truck he got in rolled up the windows and locked the door then the ghost reached through the broken window and said “tag”.

(My grandpa Marven told me this story but it was a purple gorilla instead of a ghost and when he pulled the sheet off the gorilla broke the cage and the rest of the story was true. I hope you enjoyed my grandpa’s story and have a good day. 🙂


The bloody hands by Kayden M.

Two boys had gone to the wood’s. They went off the trail, and an hour later they found a cabin. CRACK! Leaves cracking. Last thing was their handprints. The town and their parents had a search party. They looked for a few week’s, people kept getting missing. Then they saw a black figure but they ignore it. Then they saw a cabin their the black figure sitting in a chair with 2 dead kids and half of the town. 



Tim’s Great Adventure In A Cave by Anna P.

    There once was a boy named Tim. He decided to go for a walk in a cave. He saw a bat and a lion. The bat had four wings, one on each side, one on its head, and one on its bottom. The lion looked like a lion, but he had two snakes on his back, and snakes on his head, his tail, his arms, his legs, and his tummy. The bat had rocket boosters. Scary rocket boosters. And a magic guitar–which was actually a ukulele–that made people go to sleep. 

Tim got eaten by a bad raven, but then he was spat out, although he was turned into a monster with the body of a badger and the head of a snake. He was a bad, bad dragon (Yes, he was a dragon). The scary creatures became his friends and together they took over the world and made some people dead and some fall asleep. 

The End  


A Story by Elliot R.

There once lived a 10 year old  girl named Rachel. She was the happiest girl ever. She lived in a creepy mansion. Then one day her parents heard a frantic scream and ran up the big stairs. They found her dead on the floor. Rachel opened her eyes and she was a ghost. Her parents screamed and ran back downstairs. She got down there, looked in a small mirror, and started crying. Her parents tried to calm her down but then she killed them. She was tired so she went to take a nap for three months. Then there was a loud knock on the door. No one answered and the door opened nice and slowly with a creak. Just then Rachel was sitting there with a sharp knife in her bloody hand and killed that man. Nobody had ever since seen that man. Somebody went there to find clues on how Rachel died. He found out that Rachel had a heart attack. She stayed there forever, haunting the creepy mansion and killing anyone that came in the house.



Amy has a little brother that is named bobby. Mom called Amy and Bobby at the same time and said “time for dinner”. Amy called back “ok coming ”. She stayed outside and wanted for him to go inside so she could have alone time. Then she 

heard something and saw nothing at all. Then she was muffled and fell to the ground. her mom called her brother her brother said she wanted alone time but she never came in and her mom was shocked to see her dead on the ground and started crying and then she heard a loud BOOM and turned and saw her son was dead she ran to the phone and called 911 and said “my children are dying ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” and then they hear nothing noting nothing at all to this day she haunts the find who killed her family.


The Shadow Man by Braxtyn R.

Sep 13, 1993 3:00am 

“Then he was…” “What!” “DEAD!!!!” “AHHHHHHHHHH,” said John’s friends “It’s obviously fake.” Replied Ashley (ruffling) “Hey did anybody hear that?” said John “No?” He walked out there then… “Ahhhhhhhh” they came running out when they saw him with a knife in his back they said “Oh My God”. That morning news reporters came “What happened last night” “Well he was scaring us then boom he was dead” “Any idea who murdered him” “No but the murder was sneaky” “well there you have it, What exactly happened last night”.The next Night “Mom” “what?” “There’s someone in the front yard” She ran to the door then Lilly heard a drop “Momm” “mom” she went downstairs “Why are you on the floor” She looked at the wall (Get out) “AHHHHH” she saw a glass shard in her head. The next night she got a text (Hey) It was her friend (wasup) (where are you) (at my house, Why) (So I can come) (ok) (btw hows your mom) (She was murdered I told you) (right) she heard a knock at her door “come in” There was still knocking it got louder and louder “I said come in Josie” “this isn’t Josie”. The end??


A Story by Lindsay S.

One hundred twenty-eight years ago Leanne was sitting in a  chair petting her   spaniel. She waited for her father to ask her to get in the car . There it was the yell, that’s my cue, she thought . She walked to the door and opened it and got into the car. Her father turned on the radio, Burning Love, was playing. Then the music cut out, the radio man was saying that there was a murderer in the Boone forest that had escaped from a building that treats the criminaly insane. Although the old man said that when the cops found him, that he was already dead. “ Well good thing he’s dead, because that is where we are camping tonight!” Leanne became nervous the rest of the way there. What if the guy was not the only one who escaped?. When they got to the forest they found a spot for camp, Leanne was sitting  when she heard a loud thud. She got up and ran to the spot where she heard the thud. There her father laid dead, she was the bait, she turned around only to see a scared man with a knife, a ghost? The ghost put up the knife and struck. 


A Story by Bria S.

It was 1666 I was only 9, and I was in England stupid Louis declared war on England. my mom was scared because all the guns and weapons were sold out Except a rifle it Wasn’t much but it had to work cuz if we did not fight we will lose our lives. Later that night my mom tucked me into bed. she kissed me good night and then shut the door I fell asleep then all of a sudden I heard a few big BOOM. I woke up and my mom was carrying me outside to the underground Fort there were screams there was a huge boom my mom was crying. So was I my mom forgot something and she left the underground Fort to go grab some food and I was watching her. then all of a sudden my mother fell to the ground bloodshot all over me Iscreamed I ran up to her to see if she was still alive but no this war lasted 2 years. but the war was over. there were so many deaths. everywhere you looked there would be a body laying there.


A Story by Emily S.

Once upon a time there was a young girl named Shelly Crescent people called her SC. Her 14th birthday was coming up soon and all she wanted was a new white lace dress. She lived in a mansion all alone. Shelly’s mother and father had died long ago and now she was all alone. The night before her birthday she heard this call. Shelly ignored it and went up to bed. Through the night she dreamt about a young woman. Shelly recognized the woman, it was her mother and she was singing the same song she had heard earlier. When Shelly awoke she was a ghost. Shelly did not understand and was confused. Standing in the doorway was her mother holding out her arms. Shelly ran and hugged her mother. They went downstairs to see presents, cake, and a white lace dress. Shelly asked “ Where’s dad? “ Her mother did not respond. All of a sudden the house started to shake. There was an earthquake! After the earthquake the house was rubble.  Shelly’s mother and father were nowhere to be seen. Shelly Crescent was never to be seen again, in human or ghost form.


The Ghost Twins by Madi T.

It was a dark and stormy night when Jack and his sister Lizz heard a noise that sounded like a scream. Jack and Lizz were terrified it was like an echo but when they spoke there was no echo so they ran to their parents. The kids went into their parents, Derrick and Elizabeth’s room and heard it again and again and again. They turned their lamps on, but then the power went out! They grabbed their stuff and left, but in the rain you could see the ghost! When they got to the unknown haunted hotel there was blood on the walls, and the strange noise was heard again! Then there was the ghost, she had popped up in the window. Then there were two ghosts and they were twins. They were so frightened they left and tried to lose the ghosts. However, they forgot that they could disappear and reappear so it was hard to lose them. All of a sudden the car ran out of gas. So they had to lock the doors and roll the windows up. It was sooo scary for the Thomas family. All of a sudden there were no lights at all or electricity either.

The End


The Ghost Story by Halle T.

Anna was home and her mom had a surprise. Anna was super excited, the surprise was that Anna and her mom were moving. Anna packed up all of her stuff wondering what her new room would look like. They made it to their new house, Anna expected a lot more. It was an old, musty, wooden house, it was kind of creepy and looked haunted .Anna and her mom where all moved in and Anna had a bad feeling about the house. That day Anna went to her mom scared, Anna saw a flower vase fall of a table and the back door opened and slammed on its own. Her mom thought Anna was just making them move and did not think much of it. Anna got up late at night to get a glass of water and her mom was not in her bed. Anna thought it was just a dream so she went to bed. She woke up in the morning and her mom was back. Anna did some research and it said that 78 years ago someone died and they have haunted the house ever since. The next morning her mom said the night Anna was gone.


A Story by Chris W. 

It was 3 am in a haunted house. I was watching a youtube video. Down stairs but then my electric went out but then my house started getting scarier and scarier. There was a ghost and green gow I ran and ran and the door closed and locked. I thought i was done but theme i thot 3 am wasn’t I listening to something like that yes I was I have to wait till 4 am I seen glowing on top of me or maybe it’s that I made my way up there they were guarding it maybe I done something wrong I will see sorry. Ghost they did not say why I grab the the vacuum and sucked up I got the ghost yes it stared back, but then it stopped the other side is still was ghost ready for war my vacuum stopped it stated to get brighter I woke up There was still ghosts oh no well time to do it again.


A Story by Emoree W.

            Long ago, there was a girl named Emily who lived in an old mansion. One day, her parents were eating dinner when they heard a scream from Emily’s room. They ran upstairs and found Emily dead on the floor, blood spilling from her chest. Her parents moved away to the next town in despair. But little did they know, Emily turned into a ghost. When a new couple moved in, Emily wanted them to leave. So that night, she floated into the couple’s room with a knife, and stabbed them both. She took the couple and put them outside. The next day, five police officers investigated the old house. Then, a police officer screamed. Emily was floating toward the officers holding a sharp knife covered with blood! She stabbed all the police officers and put them outside next to the dead couple. Emily floated back inside and got prepared for the next people to come. Then, she realized that she was wrong about the innocent people she had killed, and that she was also wrong about killing herself. She decided she didn’t have to be evil. Slowly, she began to fade off to heaven, where she spent the rest of her days in peace.