2017 Summer Reading Program

Summer is about experiences, going places, laughing, learning, and enjoying the weather. From June 1 to July 31, you can do just that during our Build a Better World Summer Reading Program. There are 12 badges below. Next to each badge is a list of suggested experiences for earning it. When you earn a badge, simply put that sticker on your reading log.

After you’ve earned 8 badges, bring your reading log back to the library and get your free book.  We’ll also put your name in the drawing for blocks, games, snap circuits and more!


Adventure Read an adventure story –

Attend an adventurous library program

Visit one of the parks in Franklin, Gasconade or Warren counties


Animals Read a book about an animal –

Attend an animal program at the library

Volunteer at the Humane Society or other similar organization


Artist Read an art/artist book –

Attend an artistic program at the library

Show us your original artwork



Read about someone who doesn’t look like you or live like you –

Tell us about your travels this summer


Food Read a book about food –

Attend a food program at the library

Check out a cookbook and try a new food at home


History Read something historical –

Attend a history related program at the library

Talk to one of your grandparents about how things were different when they were a kid


Mystery Read a mystery –

Write a short mystery story


Poetry Read some poetry –

Write a poem


Reader Read something new and different –

  • This is a freebie category, read whatever you like to earn this badge!

Attend a reading themed library program

Read to your younger brothers, sisters, cousins, etc.


science Read about science –

Attend a science program at the library

Do a science experiment at home


Sci-Fi Read a science fiction story –

Play a sci-fi related board game


Sports Read about your favorite sport –

Attend a sports themed program at the library

Participate in a sport this summer

Schedule of programs and events