The library begins Phase 2 of the reopening process on June 1. People visiting the library are strongly encouraged to wear a face mask. The library will operate with regular service hours. These are the services which are unavailable or restricted services in Phase 2:

Due to the difficulty involved in keeping small toys disinfected, all toys in the children area will be placed in storage indefinitely. The Clevertouch in the children’s area will also be unavailable.

Every other public computer will be unavailable to encourage social distancing. The chairs for the unavailable computers will be placed in storage.

Software has been installed which will allow staff to assist patrons on the public computers remotely—from behind the service desk. Staff will not be allowed to stand within 6’ of patrons to assist them on a public computer unless the patron is wearing a mask.

Library study rooms will be available, but limited to two people.

There will be no limits to the number of people who can sit in the booths.

Passport and notary services are available by appointment. Masks must be worn at all times during these appointments.

In-person, live programming, public meeting room reservations have been suspended indefinitely.

The Xbox gaming consoles will be unavailable indefinitely.

The library’s self-check systems will be available, but staff will not be permitted to stand within 6’ of a patron to assist them with self-check unless the patron is wearing a mask.

In larger branches with multiple sinks in their public restrooms, every other sink will be unavailable. This measure will promote more social distancing in the public restrooms.